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Indoor climate and air quality in new offices: effects of a reduced air-exchange rate.

Berardi B M, Leoni E, Marchesini B, Cascella D, Raffi G B, 1991
air change rate | occupant reaction | office building | sick building syndrome
Bibliographic info: Int Arch Occup Environ Health, No 63, 1991, pp 233-239, 1 Fig, 6 tabs, 28 refs.
Languages: English

Describes an evaluation made of employee health complaints at a credit bank. A self-administered questionnaire determined the symptoms. The authors looked at ventilation effectiveness, contaminant concentrations and microclimate in relation to employee discomfort and health problems. Relatively high levels of carbon dioxide and bioaerosols were found, although temperature and humidity were normal. The authors suggest that an ineffective rate of room air exchange may be a significant factor.

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