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Indoor climate in 6 low energy houses. Indeklimamalinger i seks lavenergihuse.

Molhave L, Andersen I, Lundqvist G R., 1985
air change rate | air quality | formaldehyde | humidity | odour | pollutant | temperature | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Aarhus, Denmark: Hygiejnisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet, 1985
Languages: Danish

Over a one-year period, measurements were taken of air temperature, air humidity, ventilation rate, concentration of organic gases and vapours, formaldehyde and odour intensity in a small unfurnished bedroom in each of 6 new unoccupied low energy houses. The indoor climate was on average characterized by an air temperature of 24.7 plus or minus 3 degrees C, and an air humidity of 5.9 plus or minus 2.0 g/kg. Ventilation in each room was between 0.79 and 2.92 air changes per hour. On average 14 different compounds were identified in the samples, a total of 23 compounds being identified. Differences in indoor air pollution were found between the 6 houses, which could not be explained by the materials used for the construction.

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