Khalil E.E.
Bibliographic info:
RoomVent 2004, 9th international conference in University of Coimbra - Portugal, 5-8th september 2004, pp 8, 16 Fig., 1 Tab., 6 Ref.

Airflow characteristics in ventilated and air-conditioned spaces play an important role to attain comfort and hygiene conditions. This paper utilizes a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model to assess the airflow characteristics in ventilated and air-conditioned archeological tombs of Egyptian Kings in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. It is found that the optimum airside design system can be attained, if the airflow is directed to pass all the enclosure areas before the extraction with careful selection of near wall velocities to avoid any wear or aberration of the tomb-wall paintings. Still all factors and evaluation indices have the shortage to describe the influence of the
recirculation zones on the occupancy zone of the visitors and also on the fresh supplied air. The mode of evaluation should assess the airflow characteristics in any tomb passage according to its position in the enclosure and the thermal pattern and air quality.