Van Brecht A., Quanten S., Zerihundesta T., Berckmans D.
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26th AIVC Conference "Ventilation in relation to the energy performance of buildings", Brussels, Belgium, 21-23 September 2005

An on-line mathematical approach was used to model the spatio-temporal temperature distribution in an imperfectly mixed forced ventilated room. A second order model proved to be a sufficiently good description of the temperature dynamics (R = 0.929) of the system. Furthermore, it was possible to fully understand the physical meaning of the second order model structure.Using this model, a Model Based Predictive (MBPC) climate controller was developed for a Single Input Single Output (SISO) system. The controller was able to follow the mean temperature of 4 points, and to robustly react to a random local disturbance.The results presented in this paper show that Model Based Predictive Control using Data-Based Mechanistic modeling can be of significant importance in the development of a new generation of climate controllers.