Carrie F R, Wouters P, Ducarme D, Andersson J, Faysse J C, Chaffois P, Kilberger M, Patriarca V
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18th AIVC Conference "Ventilation and Cooling", Athens, Greece, 23-24 September 1997

This paper gives an overview of duct leakage issues in Europe. A literature review indicates alack of ductwork air tightness measurement data in the member states. However, based on afew papers and above all on a field study on 22 duct systems in France, we conclude that theventilation and energy use implications of leaky ducts are large and merit furtherexamination. To this end, we have started the SAVE-DUCT project (1997-1998) aiming atstudying the potential implications of a tight air duct policy at the European level. Our workentails an overview of existing codes and standards, a review of available information onductwork air tightness, and a field measurement campaign. On this basis, data analyses andsimulations will be performed. In addition, a two-day workshop will be held in Brussels(June 10-11, 1998) so as to better interact with manufacturers, installers and consultantengineers as well as standardisation and governmental bodies.