Wagenaar E J.
Bibliographic info:
Verwarm. Vent. December 1984, vol 41, no 12, 827-835. 11 figs.

The text of a paper on ventilation equipment and systems for existing air-tight houses, presented at the Bouwcentrum/Vakinfo one-day conference, Rotterdam, November 1, 1984. Treats the application of 1. natural ventilation systems with vertical ducts and adjustable openings, 2. the same with mechanical exhaust via kitchen, bathroom, and toilet, 3. mechanical supply to all rooms and exhaust via kitchen, bathroom, and toilet, 4. balanced supply and exhaust. Treats the possibility of the private buyer or tenant estimating the quality of the house. Refers to the Dutch draft standard NVN 5125 "Energy consumption in dwellings, recommended values and calculation methods". Treats current studies into a method of judging the energy efficiency of the house and ventilation installation combined, being carried out by TNO.