Sundell J
Bibliographic info:
Hong Kong, City University, Division of Building Science and Technology, 2001, proceedings of IAQVEC 2001, "Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings: Fourth International Conference", held Changsha, Hunan, China, 2-5 October, 2

The indoor environment is by far the most important environment from a health perspective. Allergies, airways infections, lung cancer etc. are associated with indoor air quality (IAQ) in developed countries and they are related to the use of energy for buildings. The main problems related to buildings, energy conservation and health in the developed world concern 'dampness' and inadequate ventilation. It is well established that if there is no 'building dampness' and if the ventilation is adequate then the risk of IAQ-related diseases is low. Increased ventilation can generally be achieved without increased energy consumption, but the initial investment will be high, especially in the housing sector. If there is a conflict, the health aspect is far more important to society than the energy conservation aspect.