Carla Planas, Raquel Clemente, Vanessa Escalona, Mauricio Torres, Pere Alavedra, Amado Guzmán, Eva Cuerva
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

Nowadays, the use of translucent or transparent façades as lining of another façade is increasing. This is done with the purpose of creating a ventilated air chamber façade, or renovating the building appearance without giving up the vision of their original aspect or with the objective of incorporating sustainable approaches and bio-climatic improvements to the building. This is the case of the Headquarters of the National Securities Market Commission, a very representative administrative building located in the centre of Madrid whose redevelopment will be carried out by the architecture office FERNANDEZ DEL CASTILLO ARQ, SL. The most significant and differentiating aspect in this redevelopment consists on the application of a ventilated double skin façade (VDSF) in the central atrium of the building in order to offer a more modern design and to help the entrance of daylight in the interior spaces. In order to reduce the quantity of energy consumption in the building air conditioning system and to increase the interior thermal comfort it has been necessary to study and to optimize the design of the double ventilated façade, using for that the most innovative software simulation tools.