Koinakis C., Papamanolis N.
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25th AIVC Conference "Ventilation and retrofitting", Prague, Czech Republic, 15-17 September 2004

In this paper the effectiveness of retrofitting strategies in a sunspace attached to a one-storey building has been investigated. Natural and hybrid ventilation, air-tight glass partitions, awnings and increased thermal mass retrofitting scenarios were implemented, mainly for the Greek climate. Window openings and sensor-controlled fans were used to create a controllable and secure environment. Combined ventilation and thermal simulation were applied, taking into account all the related physical phenomena, such as ventilation, infiltration and solar radiation. The thermal and air tightness characteristics of the buildings envelope and the built environment were also simulated. The results are presented in the form of hourly temperature variations for typical winter and summer period in three Greek and one U.S. city and outcomes and comparisons have been derived for the retrofitting scenarios.