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Exploration of ventilation strategies in domestic housing. Theory and experimental results.

Sandberg M, Blomqvist C, 1985
air change rate | ventilation strategy | ventilation efficiency | tracer gas | house | nitrous oxide
Bibliographic info: 6th AIVC Conference "Ventilation Strategies and Measurement Techniques" Southern Netherlands, 16-19 September 1985
Languages: English

The performance of whole-house mechanical ventilation systems was explored in an full-scale indoor test house (volume 176 m³ ) . A range of parameters were monitored: * The pressure distribution * The inflow of outdoor air to each room, the mean age of air in each room and the air-exchange effectiveness * The spread of a 'contaminant' released respectively in the kitchen and in the bedroom. The tests were undertaken both with the internal doors closed and with the internal doors open. Both mechanical extract system and balanced (combined) systems were tested. The tests were undertaken for a specific flow rate equal to 0.5 house volumes/hour (total flow rate 88 m³/h). The fundamental concepts used are defined at the beginning of the paper. The concepts are in accordance with those currently proposed in Scandinavia. In particular the relevant meaning of the concept air-exchange rate is discussed. Then follows a short description of the test house and the measuring procedures adopted. Finally, the results obtained are given.

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