Jing, L.; Aizawa, Y.; Yoshino, H.
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8th IBPSA International conference and exhibition on building simulation- Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - August 11-14 - 2003 - Session 2P28 - Poster

Condensation and mold problems have been identified as one of the severest IAQ problems in Japan. Especially in the wintertime, moisture condenses on cold wall surfaces where it can cause deterioration of the building materials and mold growth related to allergic symptoms. This paper discusses the possibility of using the CFD method to solve condensation problems.
Firstly, a CFD model for simulating condensation is developed, and then the validity of this model is examined experimentally.
The results indicated that there is a good agreement between the experimental results and the model predictions. Then, the effect of ventilation on condensation risk is discussed using this model, and it is found that the condensation performance is significantly affected by the ventilation design.