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Evaluation of Natural Ventilation and Cooling Systems using Dynamic Simulation Methods

Naghman Khan Yuehong Su, Nick Hopper and Saffa Riffat , 2011
passive cooling | natural ventilation | dynamic thermal modelling | PV powered fans
Bibliographic info: The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 10 N°2, September 2011
Languages: English

This paper presents a simplified modelling process by using experimental results to form empirical relationships for a particular novel windcatcher natural ventilation and cooling system developed by Monodraught in the United Kingdom. In particular, the behaviour of this system, which is integrated with a DC fan and PV panel without a backup battery, is modelled for the whole year. The impact of natural and night time ventilation with thermal mass on cooling and mitigating overheating is investigated. Pressure losses from openings, louvres, ducts, dampers etc are accounted for and simplified in the modelling process. Dynamic thermal models are used to simulate natural ventilation, evaporative cooling and PV powered fans.

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