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Energy consumption in occupational buildings

Berner M., Magnussen J.K., 2003
energy consumption | measurement | office building
Bibliographic info: The 4th international conference on Cold Climat HVAC, Trondheim, Norway, June 16-18, 2003, Paper 115 , pp 9, 3 Fig., 2 Tab, 7 Ref.
Languages: English

The aim of this project has been to provide information on energy consumption in different building categories. Previous studies have focused on total energy use and not on how the consumption of energy is divided in various categories. On a national level, statistical data are generally available in terms like energy consumption per square meter.

Modellbygg is Norways most comprehensive surveys of energy consumption divided into different purposes according to Norwegian Standard NS 3032. The measurements of energy consumption have been carried out in 26 buildings on an hourly basis over a 12 months period. The measured values are compared with the normative values for matching building categories. There is an inconsistency between the measurements and the calculated values, even when the data are corrected to reflect the differences in outdoor climate and number of degree-days.

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