Grimsrud D
Bibliographic info:
In "Indoor air quality and conservation", proceedings, Bellevue, Washington, November 15-16, 1984, edited by Chuck Eberdt, Seattle, Energy Business Association, August 1985, p101-112, 6 figs.

Looks at some studies that have been done to see if the retrofits have actually changed indoor air quality and changed pollutant concentrations. The first study (1981) of 18 homes in Washington state used the house doctor technique. The second study was of two homes in Medford, Oregon and one in Cranbury, New Jersey, all monitored for two weeks. The third study was of two identical houses in Rockville, Maryland, monitored over a year. One of them was retrofitted using the house doctor technique, as a result of which air leakage dropped by 40%. A fourth study of fifty houses is mentioned. Gives results of increased ventilation tests on the reduction of pollutants e.g. formaldehyde and radon. Outlines a future project to be carried out on 100 homes in two areas.