Silva MCG, Coelho JA
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Proceedings of Room Vent 2002 (8th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms) - 8-11 september 2002 - Moltke's palace, Copenhagen - Denmark - pp 277-280, 5 figs, 1Tab., 3 ref.

16 segmental and all body heat transfer convective coefficients were determined in tests performed with a thermal mannequin placed in the test chamber of a large wind-tunnel.This paper presents a general table with the numerical coefficients of the equations representing the evolution of the convective coefficient with the flow velocity for all the studied cases (front, back and side flow - at seated and standing postures) . The effect of natural convection is more obvious on the central part of the body. Peripheric parts have stronger losses. And the head has the lowest convective coefficient due to the shielding effect of the hair.