Ricardo Forgiarini Rupp and Enedir Ghisi
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8th Windsor Conference, 10-13 April, 2014, Windsor UK

The objective of this paper is to assess methods of thermal comfort for use in mixed-mode office buildings located in hot-humid summer climate based on air-conditioning consumption of a predominant typology of real mixed-mode office buildings. Three methods to assess thermal comfort were analysed: (1) Givoni’s chart for hot and humid climates, (2) ASHRAE 55-2010 for determining acceptable thermal conditions in occupied spaces, (3) ASHRAE 55-2010 for determining acceptable thermal conditions in naturally ventilated spaces. Different models of mixed-mode office rooms in two solar orientations and three window areas per model were analysed. Simulations were performed using the EnergyPlus computer programme. Thermal comfort was assessed applying the simulations output data into the upper acceptable ranges of each method. This work provides a way to choose a method of thermal comfort for mixed-mode office buildings that could be used where subjective assessment of thermal comfort is not available.