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The choice of airtightness and ventilation system for single family houses.

Harryson C., 1983
air change rate | air leakage | air tightness | house | mechanical ventilation
Bibliographic info: Air Infiltration Review, May 1983, Vol 4, No 3, p2-6, 5 figs, 5 tabs, 12 refs.
Languages: English

Facts and ideas are presented to improve cost effective designs for airtightness and ventilation systems. Schematically alternative measures to save energy are presented. An investigation of the rate of ventilation in 25occupied houses is described, using pressurization, tracer gas and measurements of air flow through exhaust air terminal devices. At a mechanical ventilation rate of 0.25 ach, the measured total ventilation rate averaged 0.29 ach (minimum 0.12 and maximum 0.50). Further results are given for 5 more recently constructed houses. Air leakage at 50 Pa, unintentional natural ventilation and the mean heat balance were also measured.

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