Lorenz F.
Bibliographic info:
USA, Environment International, Vol 8, 1982, pp 515-524

The ventilation requirements for decontamination are normally determined with a static calculation method. In some cases, the pollutant emission is intermittent, for example in the car park of an office building, where all the cars enter and leave the place nearly at the same time. Generally, in such a case, the volume of the garage is large, consequently the time constant of the system has a high value. So a static approach would no longer stay accurate and a dynamic evaluation is needed. With the help of some assumptions calculations remain rather simple and results can be plotted on nomographs or computed on a programmable handheld calculator. The amount of energy saved may appear very large in some cases. A sizing optimization will be required but also remains easy to compute. The paper presents the method of calculation for a single ventilation level and the optimization of a two-level ventilation.