Kronvall J
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12th AIVC Conference "Air Movement and Ventilation Control within Buildings" Ottawa, Canada, 24-27 September 1991

This speech comprises a summary of two publications from the Swedish Council for Building Research (BFR); the knowledge survey "Buildings and Health" (BFR T4:90) and "Indoor climate and energy husbandry" (BFR G5:90). One central conclusion presented in both these publications is that the hygienic and climatic requirements are frequently neglected and that they must reassume a central position in the building and building management process. This means that the requirements must be stepped up so that greater demands are made on the quality of the materials, on responsibility and competence in the building process and on the overall strategy for energy conservation in conjunction with both new construction and modernization. Unless such requirements can be satisfied in practical building, theprice will have to be paid in the form of more energy.