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Association of air-conditioning with respiratory symptoms in office workers in tropical climate

Graudenz G.S., Oliveira C.H., Tribess A., Mendes C., Latorre M.R.D.O., Kalil J., 2005
air conditioning | natural ventilation | office | respiratory illness | survey
Bibliographic info: Indoor Air , Vol 15 n° 1, February 2005, pp 62-66, 4 Tab., 31 Ref.
Languages: English

Reported symptoms from 2000 workers in air-conditioned offices and from 500 workers in natural ventilated buildings have been analyzed using univariate and multiple logistic regression models.The conclusion of that study is that buildings with air conditioning have a higher prevalence of work related upper respiratory symptoms than buildings with natural ventilation though located in tropical country with high relative and absolute humidity rates all around the year.

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