Wolf Bracke, Arnold Janssens, Emmanuel Annerel, Karim Van Maele
Languages: English | Pages: 8 pp
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42nd AIVC - 10th TightVent - 8th venticool Conference - Rotterdam, Netherlands - 5-6 October 2022

Calcium Silicate fire protection boards can be used to construct fireproof ductwork for smoke extraction and/or HVAC services. In this paper, the airtightness of the duct system is evaluated. 
Air leakage tests are performed on smaller duct samples as well as a larger duct network. Using identical smaller duct samples, the repeatability of the building methodology is evaluated. Multiple samples with varying parameters are built, allowing us to evaluate the impact of ductwork size, board thickness and building methodology. The main leakage points are identified and related to the building methodology. Measurements on the larger duct network result in a reliable air leakage value for in-situ built ductworks. On average, an ATC leakage class 4 is obtained, which is in line with recent literature values for classical metallic ductwork.