Sergio Melgosa Revillas
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10th International BUILDAIR Symposium, March 31/ April 1, 2017, Hannover, Germany

Purpose of the work

Involve constructors and administration in the importance of BlowerDoor Test in large buildings.

Method of approach

Airtightness measurement. Conducting a BlowerDoor Test according to EN13829.

Content of the contribution

Spain is not a country whre airthightness is considered in building process. We still think on our spacial climate conditions (Mediterranean wheather) and still unknown all about thighness, sealing, leakages consecuences, etc. And this is also for residential or industrial buildings.

This Spanish BlowerDoor Test Record will bring us the opportunity of giving more knowledge of this important part of the building construction process, from planing the envelope layer, to sealing all unions and conducting the final BlowerDoor Test.

Is is realy important to involve administration in this kind of test, easy to do in one day, and plenty of information for the constructor and owner of the building.

Results and assessment of their significance

During the BlowerDoor Test, many problems needed to be resolve as constructor doesn´t has idea about what needed to be sealed before the test and, in general, how was a BlowerDoor Test. RoofTops wasn´t well sealed and needed to be done the day of the final test. Problems apart, results where satisfactory. q50 average of 1,9 m3/m2*h. After corrections( loading bridges were sealed due to big gaps), q50 = 2.76 m3/m2*h. Limit of q50 recommended < 3.0 m3/m2*h.


As BlowerDoor Test in large building is not a common practise in spainsh buildings, this big test is a good promotion for all blower door tester and companies interested in energy efficience in buildings. Airthighness is as important as other constructions protocols and good practises in buildings. Some or our cities has warm ambient conditions and some not, but all of them as their buildings with HVAC systems and buildings are located in polluted areas where thightness give buildings and users a better working places and sane ambients. BlowerDoor test must be a requirement for our buildings and I bet myself it will be in short time.


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