This page lists the Proceedings (titles and abstracts) of the 10th International BUILDAIR Symposium, held on March 31/ April 1, 2017 in Hannover, Germany.

Contains 28 titles and abstracts. 

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The book of proceedings of the 10th International BUILDAIR Symposium "Airtight Buildings, Thermography and Ventilations Systems in Practice",  held on March 31/ April 1, 2017, in Hannover, Germany. Contains 28 abstracts.
International BUILDAIR Symposium
Purpose of the workPresentation of the advantages of leakage detection using thermography. Which camera systems are suitable for leakage detection via thermography?Method of approach
Benjamin Standecker
Purpose of the workMany ventilation systems do not work efficiently, because their airflow rates have not been correctly adjusted and due to leakages of the ventilation ducts and individual elements.
Theo Reuter
Purpose of the work
Nuno M. M. Ramos, Ricardo M.S.F. Almeida, Eva Barreira, Pedro F. Pereira
For several years, multifunctional tapes have increasingly been used for the airtight installation of windows in new buildings or renovation projects. The adhesive tapes are wrapped around the window on three or four sides.
Søren Peper, Tim Huyeng
Purpose of the workTo describe the effectiveness of the thermal anemometer device in assisting airtightness testers to evaluate leakage zones, and specific leakages.Method of approach
Gavin Ó Sé
The information about uncertainly is essential to correct interpretation of any measurement. Therefore, several authors investigated the reproducibility and repeatability of airtightness measurement during the last years.
Jiří Novák
Purpose of the workTo analyze the impact of different leakages in buildings by way of simulations.Method of approach
Victor Norrefeldt, Andrea Burdack-Freitag, Gunnar Grün
The purpose of the article is to introduce the condition of airtightness measurement market of large buildings in the Baltic states and in some European countries.
Andrejs Nitijevskis
Purpose of the work
Adeline Bailly Mélois, Isabelle Caré, François Rémi Carrié
Purpose of the workInvolve constructors and administration in the importance of BlowerDoor Test in large buildings.Method of approach
Sergio Melgosa Revillas