545.000 m3 BlowerDoor test in Madrid

Purpose of the work

Involve constructors and administration in the importance of BlowerDoor Test in large buildings.

Method of approach

Airtightness measurement. Conducting a BlowerDoor Test according to EN13829.

Content of the contribution

Certification of BlowerDoor test in Denmark

Purpose of the work

Since the introduction of the Blower Door test to the building code in Denmark back in 2006, there has been a move toward encouraging the sector to raise the quality level of tests performed around the country. The building code requirements in Denmark are:

Does each hole mean damage? Vapor convection and the law of physics

Purpose of the work

Condensation risks in wooden building components are mainly caused by water vapor penetrating the cross section of the component through airflow. Even small pressure differentials result in a lot more vapor flowing through a joint of only a few millimeters than that which would migrate by diffusion through many more undisturbed square meters of area.

Estimating the average air change rate for the heating season

Ventilation of buildings and homes is a key issue both from comfort and energy aspects. However to determine the average ventilation air flow or the Air Change Rate (ACH) for a heating season by tests in case of natural ventilation, involve certain difficulties. Essential requirements when testing a physical phenomenon: