M. Nuria Sánchez, Cristina Sanjuan, M. Rosario Heras
Languages: English | Pages: 9 pp
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36th AIVC Conference " Effective ventilation in high performance buildings", Madrid, Spain, 23-24 September 2015.

Open joint ventilated façade (OJVF) is a passive constructive system widely used to ameliorate envelop of buildings, improving their energy efficiency. A laboratory model of a ventilated façade with horizontal and vertical open joints was used to study thermal and fluid-dynamic behaviour of this system. Experimental Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (Stereo-PIV 2D-3C) was applied to study the fluid dynamic performance of this model. In addition, thermal analyses were performed applying infrared thermography and air temperature monitoring inside the ventilated cavity. Experimental measurements were carried out inside the air cavity in a vertical joint plane and in a middle plane of panels, corresponding to horizontal joints. Radiation condition corresponds to 1x109 Ra and wind effect is not considered. 
The analysis of the data confirms previous results of velocity and temperature patterns for OJVF with horizontal joints and leads to identify two different velocity patterns corresponding to the airflow entrance through horizontal and vertical joints. Experimental results will be used for validate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models of the OJVF system.