3D Fluid dynamic analyses of open joint ventilated facades applying experimental Stereo-PIV techniques

Open joint ventilated façade (OJVF) is a passive constructive system widely used to ameliorate envelop of buildings, improving their energy efficiency. A laboratory model of a ventilated façade with horizontal and vertical open joints was used to study thermal and fluid-dynamic behaviour of this system. Experimental Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (Stereo-PIV 2D-3C) was applied to study the fluid dynamic performance of this model. In addition, thermal analyses were performed applying infrared thermography and air temperature monitoring inside the ventilated cavity.

AIRLIT-PV: demonstrating an innovative building facade component.

A major concern of those wishing to limit the energy use in buildings is the growing trend towards installing air-conditioning in new and refurbished buildings. Building design, high thermal loads, and a desire for perceived comfort, contribute to an ever-growing demand for full air-conditioning. Therefore, to counter the impact on building energy use, it is essential that building design and operation is developed to minimise the use of air conditioning systems.

De tweedehuid facade. The second skin façade.