Details of the first-round retrofits at Twin Rivers

Details the retrofits at Twin Rivers, grouped into packages A,B, C and D. A,B and D reduced heat flow through attic and basement. B limits the amount of air infiltration from crack openings, especially round windows and doors, by the addition of Vinyl foam weatherstrips, caulking of window and door frames and adjustment of ill-fitting casements.

Weatherstripping windows and doors. Calfeutrement de fenetres et des portes

Describes different types of weatherstrips and reports ageing and deformation test on strips and tests on air tightness and closing force. Concludes that tubular strips provided the highest degree of airtightness in both windows and doors, while angle strips were only slightly inferior in performance. Air leakage was considerably greater for strips of expanded and foam plastics and fibre strips. Tests on ageing properties indicated that special rubber mixtures such as silicone rubber and epdm were preferable to p.v.c.