Experimental approach of air flow through a door connecting rooms with different temperature.

Air flow through doors, windows and other large openings constitutes a major factor inbuilding ventilation. However, due to the complexity of the physical processes involved,relevant physical phenomena are not yet fully understood.The paper presents data obtained from five consecutive experiments concerning air flowthrough a large opening (door) connecting two rooms (volumes 28.3 m and 38.1 mrespectively) with different air temperatures.

A method for the economical optimisation of the design temperatures and the connecting flows of a cooling system.

The planning parameters of a cooling system for ventilation, for example the vaporization andcondensing temperatures, heat capacity flow rates, design temperatures and designtemperature differences have a strong influence on the investment and operating costs.The target of this research is to find economically optimized design parameters byminimizing the present value of investment and the operating costs of the cooling system.

Thermal effect of sunspace on indoor environment of passive solar house: measurement and computer simulation.

A passive solar house with sunspace made of reinforced concrete was constructed in Sendai, Japan in 1984. One year measurement of room temperatures were recorded. Also, detail measurements have been made during the summer and winter seasons. Further, calculation of indoor temperature was conducted using response factor methods for studying the thermal effects of the sunspace on the indoor environment. This paper describes the measurement and calculation results.