A study of various passive stack ventilation systems in a test house.

The Building Research Establishment has set up various passive stack ventilation systems (PSV) in a test house in order to assess their performance. The test house used was a two storey, end terrace dwelling on the BRE site at Garston. A PSV was installed in the kitchen of the test dwelling. The duct material, diameter and configuration were varied to determine any differences that they would make to the air flow rates obtained in the duct. In addition, three different ridge terminals were tested and three ceiling inlets.

Reentry of Radon from mitigation system outlets

Some radon mitigation systems draw air with a high radon concentration from under the basement floors of houses and exhaust it outdoors. The objective of this project was to measure the reentry rates of radon released at roof level and at ground level near a house to determine whether exhaust above the roof is necessary. This was done by using a portable mockup of a radon mitigation system exhaust, with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as a tracer gas.