Room Air Conditions for Preventing Water Mist Formation in Roofed Skating Facilities

It is known that water mist occasionally fonns near ice surfaces in roofed skating facilities depending on the indoor environmental conditions. The mist can lead to problems such as decreased visibility during skating competitions. The objective of the present paper is to clarify the relationship between indoor air conditions and water mist formation and to provide a useful design method for preventing mist formation in roofed skating facilities. In the first section, studies concerning the indoor air conditions for preventing water mist formation near the ice surface are described.

PV roof on a low energy office in the UK.


Ventilating cold deck flat roofs.

The current recommended minimal ventilation level for the cold deck flat roof design is evaluated using an experimental roof. The work suggests that there may be a need for ventilation to be increased above the minimal level in instances where natural draught ventilation is low or where roofs are of complex plan. Results of this work are under consideration by the British Standards Institution as part of an overall review of flat roof design recommendations.

Flat roof design: thermal insulation.

The need to conserve energy in buildings of all types has led to improved standards of insulation, including those of flat roofs in domestic, public and industrial buildings. This Digest discusses the properties required of thermal insulation in flat and low-pitched roofs with continuous waterproof coverings. It reviews the wide range of products available and suggests criteria for selection.

Reducing cooling loads with under roof air cavities.

In the present paper a model for steady-state thermal analysis of ventilated and unventilated light rook is proposed. The aim of the work is tostudy the influence of thermo-physical and geometric parameters of the roof and boundary conditions (solar radiation) on the entering heat flowand the temperature distribution within the roof structure.