Parkins L M
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15th AIVC Conference "The Role of Ventilation", Buxton, UK, 27-30 September 1994

The Building Research Establishment has set up various passive stack ventilation systems (PSV) in a test house in order to assess their performance. The test house used was a two storey, end terrace dwelling on the BRE site at Garston. A PSV was installed in the kitchen of the test dwelling. The duct material, diameter and configuration were varied to determine any differences that they would make to the air flow rates obtained in the duct. In addition, three different ridge terminals were tested and three ceiling inlets. Air flow rates and temperature in the duct were recorded, together with internal and external temperatures and wind speed and direction. Each system was monitored over several weeks to obtain a spread of climatic data. Comparisons have been made of the results obtained from each system. Regression analysis has been carried out and predictions of flow rate up the stack, for a typical temperature difference and wind speed, are given for each PSV system.