Mechanical ventilation in the new german regulation EnEV 2002 Maschinelle Wohnngslüftung vor dem Hinter-grund der Energieeinsparverordnung 2002

This article compares the requirements for mechanical ventilation systems in the new German regulation on energy savings (EnEV 2002) with those contained in the previous regulation (named WSchV 1995). It also gives information about the way to test and certify mechanical ventilation components according to this new regulation.

Training CD about the New French Thermal Regulations Réglementation Thermique 2000 - Mallette de formation

This CD gives information to understand and apply the new French Thermal Regulations RT 2000, which are applicable to new residential and commercial buildings and which mainly concern the calculation of energy consumption of buildings and comparison with reference values.
The CD includes the official texts of the regulations, a slide presentation of the regulations, software tools enabling the user to make sensitivity analysis of the calculation results to various parameters of the building.