Sonia Garcia-Ortega, Pilar Linares-Alemparte, Karina Angélica García-Pardo
Languages: English | Pages: 7 pp
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42nd AIVC - 10th TightVent - 8th venticool Conference - Rotterdam, Netherlands - 5-6 October 2022

This paper shows the results of a survey conducted among 10 AIVC members countries about air quality in garages and current requirements and regulations in this regard. Large differences were found among countries, not only in terms of the scope of the regulations, but also in relation to the parameters that are considered.  
Natural ventilation is allowed under certain conditions. Mechanical ventilation rates are heterogeneous and when pollutants are monitored, CO stands out as the most commonly used, but it is not the only one taken into account. Reviews like this can show us where regulation is heading towards and what issues still need to be addressed to achieve the most adequate protection.