Mold, a poltergeist.

Mold growing, within the walls of a brick veneer home can pose special · problems for diagnosis and remediation.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems - investigations to the odour and possibilities of cleaning.

For many years there has been an increasing rate of complaints on the air quality in nonindustrial buildings. The occupants suffer from many diseases especially problems of breathing. Besides other reasons the air-conditioning systems themselves pollute the indoor air because dust, aerosols and other substances deposit inside the system. Therefore an airconditioning system, which has been operating 26 years was investigated. The aim was to find the main pollution sources of the system and possibilities to eliminate them.

Components of the air handling unit and air quality.

In this study, the odor generation of various components of air handling units was investigated. Results how that air handling system really can deteriorate the perceived air quality of the supply air. Almost all components seem to be sources of pollution, but differences between the components were significant. Used fiber filters seem to be the worst. A major reason for the pollution seem to be oily, dusty, and dirty surfaces.

Protection of kitchen extracts.

Sick building syndrome in an office building formerly used by a pharmaceutical company: a case study.

In the past two decades, a group of health problems related to the indoor environment - generally termed sick building syndrome (SBS) - has emerged. We present an investigation of S BS in employees of a ministry working in a naturally ventilated office building that formerly had been used by a pharmaceutical company. A preceding environmental monitoring had failed to identify the cause(s) for the complaints. We conducted a questionnaire-based investigation and categorized the building sections and rooms according to their renovation status and their former use, respectively.

Does smell spell success?

A Japanese company is claiming huge increases in productivity since introducing artificial srriells into the workplace, and more retailers are using odours to try and influence buying decisions. Ewen Rose asks if smells circulated by the air conditioning system can really help us to work harder and better.