The air lock floor.

The Air Lock Floor and the Pressure Ring are two effective measures for control of air flow directions between rooms or zones in buildings. They create a pressure hierarchy that controls spread of pollutants. Here an example has been given for radon from a crawl space, odours from a bakery into a dwelling above and an isolation chamber with a leaky facade. The Air Lock floor can operate with a 7 W fan and at the same time extractthe normal dwelling ventilation flowrate. Used in the ground floor, the Air Lock Floor results in a warmer floor and contributes to energy savings.

Increase in perceived odour emissions with loading of ventilation filters

  The development of odor emission rates from EU6 classified glass fiber bag filters was studied in four air-handling units (A HU), and emissions from the same kind of filters with EU3 classified polyester prefilters were studied in two units. The filters were loaded in six AHU in downtown Helsinki. The pressure drop was measured, and the odors of the filters were evaluated by a trained panel under laboratory conditions (T= 20o C, face velocity 1. 0 m/s) every sixth week. The odor emissions of simultaneous atmospheric dust samples were also studied.