Bjorkroth M, Torkki A, Seppanen O
Bibliographic info:
in: "Healthy Buildings/IAQ 97" edited by J E Woods, D T Grimsrud and N Boschi, proceedings of a conference held Natcher Conference Center at National Insitutes of Health, Bethesda, USA, September 27 - October 2, 1997, Volume 1, pp 599-603

In this study, the odor generation of various components of air handling units was investigated. Results how that air handling system really can deteriorate the perceived air quality of the supply air. Almost all components seem to be sources of pollution, but differences between the components were significant. Used fiber filters seem to be the worst. A major reason for the pollution seem to be oily, dusty, and dirty surfaces. Increase of the air flow did not improve the air quality in downstream of the component which indicates a significant increase of emission with air flow or non-linear dose-response relation between the perceived air quality and pollutant concentration.