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occupant reaction

Integrated design for total indoor environmental quality.

Design for good indoor air quality IAQ) aims to prevent occupant discomfort, irritation, and illness. Sick building syndrome symptoms, discomfort and irritation can easily be the result of other, non-IAQ environmental variables. There is evidence that many such symptoms or complaints result from noise, poor lighting, lack of privacy or control, and other environmental factors that can cause these symptoms and complaints.

Calculation of the two dimensional airflow in facial regions and nasal cavity using an unstructured finite volume solver.

In this short report we demonstrate the feasibility of using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for studying the flow in fa.cia.l regions and nasal cavity. A two-dimensional unstructured finite volume flow solver is used. For modelling the turbulence we use a standard k - c: model. 

How customers interpret and use comparative graphics of their energy use.

Comparative energy information is one method energy policymakers have employed to motivate consumers to reduce their energy use. The US appliance labeling program, for example, has used graphical displays to illustrate the differences in energy consumption among home appliances. Little is known, however, about how consumers interpret various graphical displays and/or how they use the information. Additionally, subtleties in the accuracy with which these graphical displays convey the underlying data have yet to be addressed in the research literature.

Energy and environmental awareness in Swedish and American households.

This paper compares energy and environmental awareness in two small towns in Sweden and Minnesota over time. In the early 1980s, Minnesotans were more anxious and exerted greater conservation efforts than the Swedes, but both are now bored with energy issues. They focus instead on environment-namely, recycling. Saving money continues to dominate decisions, but time is gaining priority in tradeoffs of energy, money, and time. Environmental concern is usually sacrificed to economics. Certain culturally-valued behaviors override both more conserving alternatives and economic considerations.

Air conditioning in the Tropics: cool comfort or cultural conditioning?

Since the combustion of fossil fuels is the leading causative factor in global climate change, the "Westernmodel'' of adopting energy-using technologies and using ever-greater amounts of energy will have important consequences for the future of human life on the planet if it is transferred on a wholesale basis to the developing world. It is thus important to Uy to understand, in the context of global development.