Field measurement results of the airtightness of 64 French dwellings.

This work presents a field measurement study, investigating the airtightness of 64 French dwellings less than ten year old. Buildings have been classified according to the type of construction (masonry or timber frame) and of occupancy mode (multi- or single- family). Using a fan-depressurization technique, we assessed the air leakage rate of each dwelling, based on a theoretical flow model that relates the infiltration airflow rate to the differential pressure .

Ventilation performances in French dwellings: results from field observations and measurements.

This paper presents a recent field measurement study undertaken in 1999 on 73 recent Frenchdwellings. The study presented the opportunity to assess the conformity and the performancesof the dwelling ventilation systems and to assess the impact of infiltration on airchange rates.The following aspects were analyzed : (1) the type of ventilation facilities in the dwellings ;(2) the defaults in the installed systems and in their operation ; and (3) the measured air flowrates, as compared to the French standard required levels.

The Impact of Replacement Windows on Air Infiltration and Indoor Air Quality in Dwellings

This paper examines the impact on domestic background air infiltration of replacing ‘old windows’ with modern double-glazed and draught sealed windows, both with and without controllable ventilation (e.g. trickle ventilators). Methods of estimating the change in infiltration rate produced by such a window replacement are reviewed. A simple model has been developed which, using laboratory measurements of window air permeability, predicts the reduction in infiltration that can be expected when a given number of windows are replaced in a dwelling.

The role of infiltration for indoor air quality

Multifamily buildings with natural ventilation are still being built and exploited. Such buildings are often equipped with individual gas-fired water heaters located in windowless bathrooms. It implicates the possibilities of improper gas exhaust as a result of the decrease of infiltration, what could be sometimes even harmful for the occupants' health. Based on the numerical simulations, analysis of ventilating air flows in typicalmultifamily dwelling house will be carried out.