20 June 2024, Webinar – New developments in design and characterisation of energy-efficient ventilation systems
15:00 Europe/Brussels

In recent years ventilation system design has seen a shift from design methods based on prescribed flow rates and standard lay outs, towards performance-based approaches which offer opportunities for smart ventilation concepts by considering what ventilation should achieve in terms of indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

This webinar aims to inform architects, engineers, building professionals and researchers on new developments in design and characterization of energy-efficient ventilation systems for dwellings. What new indicators and assessment methods have been developed in the research community? How can performance-based methods help to develop ventilation solutions for specific applications such as renovation of existing dwellings? Which new solutions and tools have been introduced by the ventilation industry to assist and inform designers?

This webinar is organised with the support of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre and facilitated by INIVE.

Agenda (CET)

  • 15:00 | Welcome & Introduction, Arnold Janssens, AIVC Operating Agent/Ghent University, Belgium
  • 15:05 | A Set of Health, Comfort and Energy Performance Indicators for (Smart) Ventilation Systems, Klaas de Jonge, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 15:20 | Overall performance assessment for smart ventilation: a robust methodology for ranking the systems and decision-making, Baptiste Poirier, Cerema, France
  • 15:35 | Innovative ventilation systems easier to install for retrofitting dwellings, Samuel Caillou, R&D Program Lead, Heating and Ventilation, Buildwise, Belgium
  • 15:50 | Why an Indoor Air Performance label should matter more than an Energy label, Yves Lambert, Chairman of the EVIA VPAT, Belgium
  • 16:05 | Questions & Answers
  • 16:30 | End of webinar

For further information please download the flyer.