07-06-2024 |

We are happy to announce the release of AIVC's Technical Note #73: Overview of the trends in building and ductwork airtightness in 16 countries!

In 2008 a series of Ventilation Information Papers (from VIP 17 to VIP 27) were published by the AIVC, detailing the “Trends in the building ventilation market and drivers for changes” for 10 countries. Regulations have however evolved a lot in most countries since then. A new series of 16 VIPs is being published to get an update on the current regulations in various countries around the world regarding building and ductwork airtightness. They include for both, when relevant, information on:

  • national requirements and drivers: airtightness metrics, requirements in regulations, energy programs, airtightness justifications, sanctions, etc.
  • if it is included in the energy calculations and how;
  • the airtightness test protocol: qualification for the testers, guidelines, requirements on measuring devices;
  • tests performed: tested buildings/ductwork, database, evolution with time;
  • guidelines to build airtight buildings/ductworks.

This report provides an overview of the trends in building and ductwork airtightness in these 16 countries around the world, summarising and comparing information. 

The report is freely accessible. Please click here to download and read the document. 

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