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air change rate

Probabilistic analysis of air infiltration in a single family house.

A Probabilistic model of air change rate in a single family house based on full-scale measurements has been developed. The probability of air change rate exceeding certain prescribed limits (risk of improper ventilation or excessive heat flow) is evaluated by utilising the distribution function based on calculated air flow rate. In this way the results are expressed in terms of the R-S model generally used in the safety analysis of structures.

Full-scale measurements of indoor air flow.

Full scale measurements of air flow velocities, temperature, intensity of turbulence and air exchange rate are carried out on two rooms with different types of ventilation located in the department of architecture at Chalmers University of Technology. The measurements have shown that mixed ventilation gives variable mean flow velocities with a high risk of draught as compared to the room provided with displacement ventilation. Air exchange rate for the room with displacement ventilation is obtained from tracer gas monitor by employing decay and constant emission methods.