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What is VIP about

Ventilation Information Papers (VIP) are a series of short AIVC publications (6 to 8 pages) intended for giving a basic knowledge of some aspects related to the air infiltration and/or the ventilation.

The International Journal of Ventilation

The International Journal of Ventilation is devoted to the ventilation of occupied buildings and other enclosed spaces. Inaugurated in June 2002 it has rapidly become established and has attracted subscribers from major institutions, companies and universities in over 40 countries.


Bibliographic database Airbase


AIRBASE is the Bibliographic Database of the AIVC. It contains abstracts of articles and publications related to energy efficient ventilation. Where possible, sufficient detail is supplied in the bibliographic details for users to trace and order the material via their own libraries. Topics include

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AIVC, TightVent and venticool networks


The TightVent network was launched in January 2011 with a specific focus on building and ductwork airtightness. The 2011, 2012 and 2013 AIVC conferences were combined with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd TightVent conference. In addition, there are several AIVC projects dealing with the topic of airtightness whereby TightVent is involved.




This section includes AIVC’s collection of Ventilation Information Papers (VIP), technical notes, guides and handbooks, annotated bibliographies, literature lists and contributed reports. If you want to have an overview by series, please click here




Since 2011, the AIVC publishes twice a year a 4-page newsletter. In between 2 issues of the AIVC newsletter the venticool and TightVent are published. In practice, you receive a newsletter on average bi monthly  dealing with ventilation, airtightness and ventilative cooling. These newsletters aim to keep you informed on the progress of the various projects as well as to learn about initiatives (publications, events, etc.) of interest.




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