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REHVA Journal 01/16: Ventilative cooling now available

25-01-2016 | EU

The REHVA January 2016 issue, focusing on Ventilative Cooling is now available.

Featured articles include:

  • Will the outcome of COP21 stimulate the EU member states to accelerate the building and HVAC sector towards a carbon-free build environment?
  • Experiences with Ventilative Cooling in Practical Application
  • Natural ventilative cooling in school buildings in Sicily
  • Design of a new nZEB test school building   
  • Ventilative cooling in shopping centers’ retrofit
  • Single-sided ventilative cooling performance in a low energy retrofit
  • Overheating assessment of energy renovations 
  • Ventilative cooling of a seminar room using active PCM thermal storage
  • Control of indoor air quality by demand controlled ventilation
  • ISO 11855 – The international Standard on the Design, dimensioning, installation and control of embedded radiant heating and cooling systems
  • Retrofitting of the HVAC plant of an elderly people residential care home 
  • Effects of Different Heat and Cold Generation Scenario (Heat Pump versus District Heating and Chiller) in a Building with Variable Air Volume versus Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems
  • Acoustic Evaluation of Floating Floors with Housekeeping Pads
  • The Cold Climate 2015 conference and the Industrial Ventilation conferences in China during 19-28.10.2015


To download and read the full journal please visit: