Einberg G., Holmberg S.
Bibliographic info:
The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 2 N°1, June 2003, pp 45-53, 7 Fig., 29 Ref.

The behaviour of particles in air flow is important for identifying those in various locations in ventilated space. The main reason for this study is to propose a new modelling concept to determine a realistic distribution of particles of different sizes in a space. The goal for this investigation is to divide particles into groups according to their behaviour in air and to improve the existing settling model. The growth of particle aerodynamic diameter in higher relative humidity is also presented. Here, growth of diameter and coagulation is used to determine the control volume concentration. The finite volume method is used to describe the particle concentration in the computational domain. A background to particle properties and theory for calculations are given for this purpose. Results from the literature survey reveal that modelling needs a more systematic approach to cover all sizes of particles with clear classification by behaviour.