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IBPSA 1993 - Adelaide, Australia

International Building Simulation Conference Australia, 1993. Contains 72 abstracts.

International Building Simulation Conference Australia, 1993.

Contains 72 abstracts.

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The RADIANCE lighting simulation system was used to evaluate the daylighting inside four major buildings being constructed and refitted in New Zealand.
The Simulation Problem Analysis Research Kernel (SPARK) environment for simulation of nonlinear differential algebraic systems has been revised to improve modeling convenience, modeling flexibility
If the information generated through building simulations is to reach and influence building and design professionals it is necessary to present it in an accessible format.
New object oriented simulation environments offer dramatically improved possibilities for simulation of coupled systems.
There has been widespread concern over the high energy consumption and the often less-than-satisfactory environmental control performance of most air conditioning systems relying on conventional co
The most effective way of establishing confidence in the ability of a simulation tool to model a particular component or system is to compare the predictions with measured data.