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IBPSA 1993 - Adelaide, Australia

International Building Simulation Conference Australia, 1993. Contains 72 abstracts.

International Building Simulation Conference Australia, 1993.

Contains 72 abstracts.

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This paper describes the modelling and the experimental validation under ALLAN.TM Simulation software³ of a dwelling subjected to actual indoor and outdoor conditions.
This paper describes a number of issues which building modelling must take into account if it is! to he used as a tool in government policy making and regulatory frameworks.
An overview of the principles used to develop productive interfaces is presented, and afresh approach to the design and use of Simulation Systems is suggested.
This paper describes ongoing research toward the development of simplified techniques for the prediction of air movement in large, naturally ventilated spaces containing hot and/or cold surfaces.
The conceptual theory and qualitative structure of a model for the evaluation of life safety in building fires is presented The model is based on a hierarchical framework, which is then overlain wi
This paper addresses the development of a prototype system for energy building simulation by coupling commercially available CAD systems for architecture to numerical computational methods.