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IBPSA 1993 - Adelaide, Australia

International Building Simulation Conference Australia, 1993. Contains 72 abstracts.

International Building Simulation Conference Australia, 1993.

Contains 72 abstracts.

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The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has recently released two new programs, LightCAD and LightPAD, to enhance the design and application of lighting in commercial buildings.
This paper presents the application of geometric modeling and various performance simulation tools in architectural design, highlighting their respective impact on the design decisions made in the
The first purpose of our work has been to allow-as far as heat transfer modes, airflow calculation and meteorological data reconstitution are concerned-the integration of diverse interchangeable ph
The prediction of the effects of moisture in buildings is now a well established part of the building design process.
As a result of the progression of computing power and the increasing demandsfor detailed thermal performance assessment users are shifting from simplified design tools to comprehensive, dynamic the
This study (*) has been developped in real site on gymnasium situated in the center of FRANCE which was experimented during two years.