Benjamin Standecker
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10th International BUILDAIR Symposium, March 31/ April 1, 2017, Hannover, Germany

Purpose of the work

Presentation of the advantages of leakage detection using thermography. Which camera systems are suitable for leakage detection via thermography?

Method of approach

As part of an airtightness test, you not only have to determine the air change rate and/or air permeability, but must also search for leakages. Extensive leakages must be documented. However, there are no regulations as to the method of leakage detection or the instruments that might be used. In comparison with traditional means of leakage detection like the back of the hand, joss sticks, or the anemometer, infra-red based leakage detection offers many advantages. Particularly regarding inspections of larger areas or areas that can only be accessed with difficulty, the destruction-free test using infrared clearly comes off better. It also allows for a simple and objective documentation of the leakages.

Content of the contribution

The presentation discusses the basic principles of leakage detection with differential pressure and thermography. Practical examples illustrate the most common issues. Since the prices for infrared measuring technology have been sinking over the past years, infrared images, contrary to the beginning of the millennium, are now taken by different users, and not only by specialized thermographers. Contractors, architects, and engineers use the measuring technology in different areas of building construction and renovation. In addition to professional cameras, the industry in recent years has also offered systems at lower prices, sometimes only at a few hundred Euro. IR-cameras are now even available as an attachment for smart phones. However, due to geometric, thermal, or software-specific characteristics, the scope of application is limited. For leakage detection with differential pressure, all cameras from smart- phone cameras to professional ones have their use. In the end, it is up to the thermographers with their knowledge to decide which measuring device should be used when.

Results and evaluation of their significance

For leakage detection using thermography, different camera systems may be used. It is up to experienced and trained users to choose the right measuring technology depending on the camera features and options and to use it correctly.


"There is a camera for every purpose!"

Different camera systems are suitable for leakage detection using thermography. Thermographers with their know-how have to know the limits of their measuring technology for the respective tasks.


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