The 31st AIVC Conference - Low Energy and Sustainable Ventilation Technologies for Green Buildings, was held in Seoul, Korea, 26-28 October 2010.

Contains 80 papers.

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The calculation system for vertical ventilation with wind chimney on the roof driven by wind and buoyancy is presented and the necessary data is measured.
Toshio Yamanaka, Hisashi Kotani, Yoshihisa Momoi, Kazunobu Sagara, Tomohiro Kobayashi and Yuka Komatsu
In this study, we propose a method for forecasting heat emission effect in a small single-sided slit opening. In order to make a heat flux forecasting model, we carried out field measurement, wind tunnel experiment, and CFD analysis.
Ayako Nishimura, Masashi Imano, Kei Ogino, Keigo Nomura,Yuzo Sakamoto
The main thrust of this paper is to investigate the optimized supply air condition and energy saving potentials of a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) applied to a high-rise apartment building.
Kim Min-Hwi, Kim Jin-Hyo, Kwon Oh-Hyun, Seok Yoon-Jin, Jin Jeong-Tak, and Jeong Jae-Weon
In this research, a heat pump system with a heat source network is suggested which utilizes outdoor air heat, solar heat and ground heat as heat source for cooling, heating, hot water and refrigerating.
Yujin Nam, Shinsuke Kato, and Ryozo Ooka
In the previous study, a numerical method which simulates combined heat and moisture transfer process in solid desiccant materials was investigated.
Yoshihisa Momoi, Ryuichiro Yoshie, Akira Satake, and Hiroshi Yoshino
As concern about IAQ has increased, forced-air distribution systems are being viewed as a potentially important factor in preventing the transport of indoor and outdoor pollutants.
Paul W. Francisco, Scott Pigg, Collin Olson, and Bob Davis
Guideline for ventilation to improve indoor air quality in apartment housings in Korea was recently enacted and natural or mechanical ventilation system has become mandatory.
Jungmin Seo, Sungmin Yoon, Joonghoon Lee and Doosam Song
In order to clarify the association between indoor environmental factors and children’s health problems, indoor air quality was investigated during the winter and rainy seasons in Japan.
Hamada Kensuke, Yoshino Hiroshi, Hasegawa Kenichi, Abe Keiko, Ikeda Koichi, Kato Noriko, Kumagai Kazukiyo, Hasegawa Ayumi, Mitamura Teruaki, Yanagi U, Matsuda Asako, Takamatsu Mari, Ando Naoya
Recent studies show the number of people affected by biological contaminants have increased every year in Japan.
Ando Naoya, Yoshino Hiroshi, Hasegawa Kenichi, Abe Keiko, Ikeda Koichi, Kato Noriko, Kumagai Kazukiyo, Hasegawa Ayumi, Mitamura Teruaki, Yanagi U, Matsuda Asako, Takamatsu Mari, Hamada Kensuke
Child care center, one of the public facilities, has recently been increased. It is because of the government's childbirth policy.
Jung Ha Park, Jin Chul Park and Eon Ku Rhee
Rotary heat recovery exchangers are widely used in ventilation systems, and the units are known for their high efficiency and almost maintenance-free operation. Temperature efficiencies above 80% are not uncommon.
Bjørn R. Sørensen, and Raymond Riise
Furniture can raise indoor air contaminants with toxic emissions of VOC and formaldehyde..
Hyunsun An, and Yungyu Lee
Total heat recovery type ventilators that are connected to each room with ducts are mainly installed in Korea, but they raise concern over duct pollution.
Hyun-Jae Chang, Keun-Je Cho, Tae-Hwoan Choi
The use of CFD technique for predicting the properties of airflow fields and particle movement is effective to carry out parametric study intended for a wide range of particle sizes.
Nguyen Lu Phuong, Kazuhide Ito, Shigeki Onishi
As part of a field measurement project of unvented gas fireplaces in 30 homes, portable carbon monoxide sensors were located in several places in each home.
Paul W. Francisco, Jeffrey R. Gordon, and William B. Rose
Biological contamination has recently become an important issue in the residential indoor environment.
Kurihara Genta, Yoshino Hiroshi, Yonekura Hiroshi, Takaki Rie, and Lu Yang
Indentifying pollutants that pose a potential hazard indoors is an important first step to reducing risks. We reviewed key published studies reporting measurements of chemical pollutants in residences.
Jennifer M. Logue, Max H. Sherman, Brett C. Singer
The indoor environment can play a significant role in the transmission and exposure of various contaminants.
Takayuki Fukuoka, Kazuhide Ito
Large-scale greenhouses are usually adopted to control the indoor climate conditions in agriculture.
Keita Hattori and Kazuhide Ito
Stratum ventilation has been proposed to cope for elevated indoor temperature recommended by governments in East Asia. TRNSYS is used for computation of the space cooling load and system energy consumption.
Lee C.K. , Lin Zhang, Fong K.F.