The 25th AIVC Conference, Ventilation and retrofitting, was held in Prague, Czech Republic, 15- 17 September 2004.

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The paper deals with on-site measurements of energy benefits resulting from exploitation of a solar greenhouse, which was created in the attic under the southward-oriented glazed roof for pre-heating of the ventilating air.This conception of the s
Jaros M., Charvat P., Krajca K., Trunda M.
The airtightness of ventilation ductwork is an important element of the global performance of ventilation systems.
Barles P., Boulanger X., Buseyne S.
This paper presents aspects of an office renovation project of the Social Insurance Institute (SII), the largest Social Security Organization in Greece.
Koinakis C.J.
A new thermal comfort guideline for moderate environments has been developed: the ATG guideline. The underlying method distinguishes between ‘type Alpha’ versus ‘type Beta’ buildings to provide for different adaptation effects.
Raue A.K., Boerstra A.C., Van der Linden A.C., Kurvers S.R.
Until the 1970’s most office buildings in central Europe were not equipped with mechanical cooling (airconditioning).
Lain M., Drkal F., Hensen J., Zmrhal V.
An increasing impact of ventilation and air-conditioning to the total energy consumption of buildings has drawn attention to natural ventilation and passive cooling.
Charvat P., Jicha M., Stetina J.
Part of the task in the design of ventilation systems involves selection and specification of system components - components sizes and expected performance characteristics or criteria to achieve specific ventilation objectives for anticipated envi
Chilengwe N., Sharples S.
Fan-pressurisation method was used to test the air infiltration rate of 191 dwellings in England.
Hong S.H., Ridley I., Oreszczyn T.
It is often discussed about the possibilities that more efficient windows offer to reduce the energy loads in residential buildings.
Zinzi M., Fasano G., Maccari A.
Sheffield City Council in the UK identified some dwellings of non-standard construction that needed to be refurbished.
Sharples S., Goodacre C.
This study aims at the development of an optimal design tool using a genetic algorithm (GA) andcomputational fluid dynamics (CFD).
Kato S., Lee J.H.
In this paper the effectiveness of retrofitting strategies in a sunspace attached to a one-storey building has been investigated.
Koinakis C., Papamanolis N.