Kotani H, Sato R, Yamanaka T
Bibliographic info:
Sweden, Stockholm, KTH Building Services Engineering, 1998, proceedings of Roomvent 98: 6th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, held June 14-17 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, edited by Elisabeth Mundt and Tor-Goran Malmstrom, Volume 2

The light well located in the center of high-rise apartment building in Japan is called "Void". Gas water-heaters settled in Void discharge the exhaust gas into Void so that the enough opening area has to be designed at the bottom of Void to keep the IAQ in Void. In order to secure the IAQ in Void, a simple zonal model to calculate the ventilation rate induced by the wind force and the thermal buoyancy through openings at the bottom of Void with heat sources like water heaters is presented. And the accuracy of this calculation method is examined by wind tunnel test. As a result it is turned out that the calculation methods introduced in this study are valid for predicting the vertical temperature distribution and ventilation rate of Void.